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The Great War meets the horrors of forgotten folklore in this occult skirmish wargame.
 1916: A World Transformed. As the Great War raged, the Moon fell from its orbit. Seas shifted, uncovering new lands and revealing what tide and time had concealed. Long known as a potent occult power, the Moon’s descent also heralded the terrifying resurgence of magic. Long-forgotten gods and spirits began to stir in hidden groves and caverns and old traditions found new strength. Soon, stone circles echoed once more with the chanting of ancient rituals and menhirs were again bedecked with wildflowers and presented with offerings of honey and blood.
 1918: A War Transformed. Rival nations battle on new fronts, seeking dominance with weapons of spell, song, and sacrifice. Thrust to the surface, Doggerland, the ancient bridge between Britain and Europe, becomes a crucial battleground in the conflict. In this alien landscape, raiding parties pick through the ribs of wrecks and the ruins of lost villages, war machines festooned with totems and fetishes roll over the brittle bones of long-dead giants, and cavalry charge across plains made verdant by the vegetation returning to this new land with unnatural speed.
 A War Transformed is a skirmish wargame set in a world where World War I was utterly changed by forces far beyond human comprehension. Players command small forces of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and other… stranger… troops on the Doggerland Front. Fast-paced gameplay and a tense initiative bidding system are combined with authentic folk traditions and occult philosophies of the era – it is a game of rifle and relic, of bayonet and belief, of machine gun and magic.

A War Transformed

  • Frederick Silburn-Slater

    The Great War meets the horrors of forgotten folklore in this occult skirmish wargame.
  • Book Details

    Imprint: Osprey Games
    Publication Date: 22-06-2023
  • About the Author

    Having achieved his MA in the History of Art with a research project on medieval imagery in commemoration of the Great War, Freddy Silburn-Slater now earns a living as a copywriter, specialising in tabletop gaming and historical subjects. He lives with his wife in rural Suffolk. Dimitris Martinos is an illustrator/comic artist born and based in Athens, Greece. He initially started drawing as a child around the 1980s, inking hundreds of black and white pages inspired by World War Two comics. He has worked for Modiphius on Achtung! Cthulhu, and for the French comic publisher Delcourt.
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