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Using lessons drawn from recent history including the war in Ukraine, Boots on the Ground looks at ground warfare and how wars will be fought in the coming decade. Each chapter details one key aspect of modern ground warfare, expertly assessing the technologies and tactics in use at the sharp end. From artillery, nicknamed the ‘God of War’, to combat engineering, to the so-called ‘battlefield taxis’ or Infantry Fighting Vehicles, each chapter is packed full of detail and unpublished photographs. Boots on the Ground also reveals the increasing importance of the ‘grey zone’ and how cyber operations will have a direct impact on operations. This has been evident in Ukraine where cities have been attacked by Russian drones and Ukrainian forces sank a Russian ship in the Black Sea using a Bayraktar drone.

But a case is also made for the continued importance of the infantry, showing how technology can only do so much and only then if in the hands of well-trained boots on the ground. Neville also offers an assessment of NATO special operations forces and how prepared they are for possible operations against the evolving threats of Iran, Russia or even China. Packed full of case studies from conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine, Boots on the Ground offers a fascinating insight into how the armies and battlefields of the future will look.

Boots on the Ground

  • Leigh Neville

    Written by a renowned expert in modern conflicts and special forces, this heavily illustrated book provides a detailed examination of ground warfare in the past 20 years and looks ahead to the immediate future decade.
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  • Book Details

    Imprint: Osprey Publishing
    Publication Date: 13-02-2025
    Format: Hardback | 242 x 190mm | 320 pages
  • About the Author

    Leigh Neville is an Australian national who has written a number of books on both modern conventional military units and special operations forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, their weapons and their vehicles, including Special Forces in the War on Terror. He has also consulted on military topics for several wargame companies and television documentary makers. 

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