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Combat divers are an elite within an elite. Every special forces combat diver is required to pass selection twice ' first into the elite military unit and then a combat diving qualification. The combat dive units themselves are tiny and the operations highly classified. The role of a military diver is inevitably a lonely and a dangerous one, whether clearing mines or striking from the sea against enemy-held targets. Fully illustrated with rare and unusual images, Combat Divers reveals their little-known yet fascinating operations, from Dutch Special Forces combat divers covertly operating against Somali pirates to the actions of Soviet Spetsnaz divers in Swedish territorial waters during the Cold War. It also examines how the most famous units, such as the US Navy SEALs and the Royal Navy's SBS, are currently operating and adapting to threats in a multitude of theatres.

Combat Divers gives an insight into specialist kit and vehicles presently used and equipment that is being developed and trialed throughout the world. Covering a variety of kit, from dry deck shelters to mini-submarines and swimmer delivery vehicles, former Royal Marines Commando Michael G. Welham draws on his own extensive diving experience to reveal exactly how this equipment is used by special forces dive teams. As their kit and equipment constantly evolve, so does the nature of their work and even the team element. Combat Divers also details the first female combat divers and includes their own first-hand accounts about their groundbreaking roles within their respective units to create a fascinating history of these elite special forces operatives.

Combat Divers

  • Michael G. Welham

    The full visual history of the special forces combat diver from World War II to the present day.

  • Book Details

    Imprint: Osprey Publishing

    Publication Date: 19-01-2023

    Format: Hardback | 242 x 190mm | 304 pages

  • About the Author

    Michael G. Welham is a former Royal Marines Commando (specialist skills: diving, canoeing and parachuting), and subsequently a member of 21 SAS and Naval Gunfire Support 95 Commando RAR. He has some 40 years of diving experience, both military and civilian. He is the author of Combat Frogmen (with Lord Paddy Ashdown), Naval Elite Units, Exploring the Deep and Frogmen Spy.

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