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Putin's Wars is a timely overview of the conflicts in which Russia has been involved since Vladimir Putin became president of Russia in 2000. But it also looks more broadly at his recreation of Russian military power and its expansion to include a range of new capabilities, from mercenaries to operatives in a relentless information war against Western powers. This is an engrossing strategic overview of a rejuvenated Russian military and the successes and failures on the battlefield. Thanks to Dr Galeotti's wide-ranging contacts throughout Russia, it is also peppered with anecdotes of military life, personal snapshots of conflicts, and an extraordinary collection of first-hand accounts from serving and retired Russian officers. Russia continues to dominate the news cycle throughout the Western world. There is no better time to understand how and why Putin has involved his armed forces in a variety of conflicts for over two decades. There is no author better placed to demystify the capabilities of the Russian military and give a glimpse into what the future may hold. Putin's Wars is an engaging and important history of a reawakened Russian bear and how it currently operates both at home and abroad to ensure Russia is front and centre on the world stage.

Putin's Wars

  • Mark Galeotti

    A new history of how Putin and his conflicts have inexorably reshaped Russia and her role on the world stage, including his devastating invasion of Ukraine.

  • Book Details

    Imprint: Osprey Publishing
    Publication Date: 10-11-2022
    Format: Hardback
    320 pages
  • About the Author

    Mark Galeotti is a scholar of Russian security affairs with a career spanning academic, government service and business, a prolific author and frequent media commentator. He heads the Mayak Intelligence consultancy and is an Honorary Professor at University College London's School of Slavonic and East European Studies as well as holding fellowships with RUSI, the Council on Geostrategy and the Institute of International Relations Prague. He has been Head of History at Keele University, Professor of Global Affairs at New York University, a Senior Research Fellow at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and a Visiting Professor at Rutgers-Newark, Charles University (Prague) and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He is the author of almost thirty books.
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    Chinese Complex, Czech, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish

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